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Online Drum Recording Studio

To get started, all you have to do is send me an mp3 or a 24 bit .wav file of your project(s). For best results, I prefer a stereo file with the song panned hard right and click panned hard left. I integrate this into my system and add live drums to your song. I will send the project to you for review with all drum tracks unmixed. If you like the version of the song, I will then send you the separate .wav tracks via FTP server or CD by mail. You can then place them into any DAW software you wish and mix to your liking.

If you are satisfied with the general mix/tone, I will send you the individual .wav files that you can import into your own system. You will receive 11 tracks total. Kick – Outside kick- Snare- 3 toms – Hi-Hats- Left and Right Overheads- and 2 Room mics.

All tracks are recorded with Focusrite interfaces and recorded directly to ProTools.

You have total creative control over your project. I can send you “dry” tracks, or I can custom tailor the personality of your song to your liking be it different kit, snare, micing, and/or cymbal choices ect..depending on the style of music. I can send you your song with different enhanced sounds be it, vintage lo-fi drums, compressed sounds, to custom tailor to your liking. I have a large selection of sound enhancements from room verbs to compression and drum replacement software.


  • ddrum Dios Maple, 16×22, 7×10,8×12,14×16
  • Gretsch custom walnut prototype,
    18×20 7×10, 8×12, 14×14
  • Yamaha Tour Custom Studio Kit. 10×10, 10×12,12×14 1422 kick
  • 5×14 Gretsch chrome over brass snare
  • 6×14 Gretsch USA Jasper Maple Snare
  • 6×13 ddrum Birch snare with maple hoops
  • Yamaha & Gretsch piccolo snares 3×12, 5×10

Please CONTACT me to discuss your project needs.